The Most Amazing Funny Accident Videos 2016

The Most Amazing Funny Accident Videos 2016

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Hello Guys today we are to share the most funny accident videos of 2016 . So lets ready for laughing I hope you 

would like to this video

Pokemon Go THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN! pokemon go gameplay – pokemon go tips and cheats

Pokemon Go THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN! pokemon go gameplay – pokemon go tips and cheats


Pokemon go tips & tricks – easiest pokemon catch strategy + powering up & evolving strat for high cp. The following species attributes help illustrate the relative strengths and weaknesses of different Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Pokemon go hints tips and tricks for the beginner hope this helps!.Let me know when you think there will come a new pokemon go update released!? I offer pokemon go trainer tips & tricks videos aswell as rare gym battle gameplay main channel inspirations include masterov lachlan & morealia subscribe for more great content daily – mastersaint – mastersaintyt.. If you want to see pokemon go cheats hacks bots tips tricks battles.

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Update: Pokemon GO Buddy System Live Update & How To Get It

Update: Pokemon GO Buddy System Live Update & How To Get It

It’s been few hours since the official statement of Niantic saying that the update has been out. But it looks like there are still thousand of users who are unable to get the update on their device. This is because of some few reasons. One is because the propagation of the update for both app store and google play store takes more than 24 hours. But don’t worry, you will surely get the update soon. If you are excited to get it in advance, you can check the link and instruction at the bottom of this page.

Pokemon GO Buddy System Update
Pokemon GO Buddy System Update

The newest version is 0.37.0 for android users and 1.7.0 for iOS users. Now that the update has been released, here are the few notes that you should know:
  • If your device is rooted or jailbroken, the game will not load up. Niantic blocked rooted and jailbroken devices to load the game as another security measures against cheating.
According to Niantic:
Here’s the full changelog of the latest update:
  • Implemented Buddy Pokémon: Trainers will now be able to choose one of their Pokémon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokémon by walking a certain distance.
  • Made it easier to select smaller Pokémon on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation.
  • Improved performance reliability when a device switches networks to no longer cause the application to hang or stop updating.
  • Pokémon GO Plus support
  • Minor text fixes.
  • Buddy Pokemon System has been announced last week and confirmed that it will be coming on the update. .
  • Since the update is slowly propagating to local google play store and you want to get the update early, you can download the Pokemon GO 0.37.0 APK file here.


  • .
    For iOS users, the only way to get it early is to create a US iTunes accountThere, you can download the update early.

'Pokemon Go' Tips & Tricks To Skip The Egg Hatching Animation; But Does It Work On The Evolution Scene As Well?

'Pokemon Go' Tips, Tricks And Cheats: How To Skip Egg Hatching Animation
'Pokemon Go' Tips, Tricks And Cheats: How To Skip Egg Hatching Animation
(Photo : Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

When playing the hit augmented-reality mobile game, "Pokemon Go," there are several activities to be executed like exploring the real world in a bid to locate PokeStops, Gyms, capturing wild Pokemon, boosting your Pokemon with Candy and stardust, calculating damage, IV and CP, figuring out which Pokemon to challenge gym defenders and then there's a great deal of walking in order to hatch eggs.
When an egg hatches while catching Pokemon, it just pops out on your screen getting in the way of an ongoing activity. This consumes a few precious seconds especially when you are trying to capture that coveted Abra with a flee rate of 99%.
Fret not! A Redditor named UppyGSY has shared a tip about how to skip that counterproductive scene. Skipping the animation is surprisingly simple, and here's how it works.
As soon as the "Oh?" message appears, just pinch inwards as if you were zooming out on a map on your phone. This will cancel the animation for that particular egg. And that's it!
No doubt, the egg animation is very cute and it adds to the excitement as you wait with bated breath to find out what comes out of the egg; however, for some "Pokemon Go" players who are unable to capture rare Pokemon, this isn't really cute or an all-important part of the game either.
Drawbacks To This Trick; Is This Legal?
Zealous "Pokemon Go" gamers, rejoice! This is 100% legal and you won't get banned by Niantic for using this trick; however, this trick isn't sparred of flaws and there's one tiny drawback. Using this trick, you will not be able to figure out what Pokemon spawned out of the egg right away, instead you will have to check your journal and see the recent egg hatch results, BGR reported.
But Does This Work On The Evolution Scene As Well?
Regrettably, no. Pinching your screen during the evolution scene does absolutely nothing. But that should hardly matter as evolution animations do not get in the way of what you're currently doing as you're evolving the Pokemon by yourself. Nevertheless, it would be great if developers could add an option to skip these animations in near future.

Try this trick and let us know if it worked or not in the comment section below and stay tune for more amazing "Pokemon Go" tips, tricks, cheats, hacks and news.

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How to Make a Pokemon Your Buddy – ‘Pokemon Go’ Buddy System is Active NOW!

How to Make a Pokemon Your Buddy – ‘Pokemon 

Go’ Buddy System is Active NOW!

Pokemon Go has recently revealed its fresh out of the box new amigo framework, one of the greatest overhauls the amusement has seen since its underlying dispatch.
With this framework, players can choose one Pokemon in their Pokedex to be their “mate.” Once they do this, the Pokemon will stroll around with them as they play the diversion, showing up close by the symbol on the base left of the screen at all times.
It’s not only a charming method for shaping an individual association with one of the Pokemon, however. For each such a variety of kilometers you walk, you will get a specific measure of that Pokemon’s sweet. The measure of treat you get for every kilometer relies on upon the species.
So how would you choose a Pokemon to be your pal? This is what you have to do:
  • Go to your symbol by tapping the base left of the screen demonstrating your character’s face.
  • Press the catch with the three lines on the base right of the screen.
  • Hit the “pal” choice.
  • Your Pokdex will come up. From here, simply pick whatever Pokemon you might want to be your pal.
Furthermore, that is it! An activity ought to come up demonstrating that this Pokemon has been chosen as your pal. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, it will show up by your character at whatever point you go to the character screen, in spite of the fact that it tragically won’t show up on the guide.
What would it be advisable for you to pick as your first amigo? It’s dependent upon you, however as a rule the thought is to pick something generally uncommon, or something that you would not typically experience in nature. That is on account of you get sweet by strolling this Pokemon, and the other method for getting treat is to catch that same species a considerable measure and exchange the copies to the educator. In this way, your amigo ought to be something you will probably not get in the wild that frequently, and along these lines which you will experience difficulty getting confections for without the mate framework.
You don’t need to invest an excessive amount of energy making a choice, however; dissimilar to your group, your pal is not changeless, and it can be swapped out whenever.




Attention cheat may cause banishment! some crafty quickly find ways to "cheat" in pokemon go. it is not to duplicate Pokémon, objects or get unlimited experience, but little tricks to hatch the eggs without moving, or stroll into town without getting up from your office chair.



If you have a bit of money on your account and you do not know what to do, you can buy a good quality drone.

Hang your mobile to drone, broadcast his screen on your computer and go hunting for Pokémon you want without moving.



Another tip for the rich players: Uber GO. Hire the services of a driver and let you walk wherever you want. Your driver will stop at points of interest to let you capture Pokémon you want to fight in arenas or use the PokéStops on the road.



You know the Segway? Also called Segway, these devices with 2 wheels allow you to move quickly without getting tired. You can opt to use playing Pokémon GO. Thus, you will not damage your shoes and you can make many kilometers tired.



Let the eggs hatch category without moving. If you have a small electric train that takes the dust for ages, build a long circuit, attach your phone on the train and let it wander. This method can not recognize the incubator.



For this trick, you need a large garden, a dog player and a ball. Attach your mobile to the dog, and throw him the ball. Yet another method lazy to earn not incubators. The SPA may not appreciate, but your dog will not complain.



Here is a new use for this unusual object. Hook your laptop to a vinyl, put the vinyl on the turntable, start it and let it. Of course, the mobile must be placed so as to leave turn the vinyl. Another method to quickly hatch eggs in incubators without moving.



You have a cute robot vacuum cleaner that cleans up behind you while you play with the console? Add it a new feature. Place your phone over and let him do his household. It's 2 in 1, you will have a clean apartment and new Pokémon after hatching.


This last method is not recommended. But if you're Thug Life mode, indulge yourself. Be aware that you risk being banned from the game.

There are several types of GPS Fake. Type Fake GPS on Google and choose the one you want. You can then move virtually anywhere you want in the world to capture Pokémon, use PokéStops or resume the Arena.

For single players living in the open countryside, it is a method which may seem interesting indeed. But do not do it!


Go Pokemon: Lokhlass, Elektek,Scyther ... How obtain rare Pokemon!

You will enlarge your rare Pokemon Pokedex but do not know where to find them? We helps you to Lokhlass, Elektek and many other creatures!

Besides Metamorph, whose existence has been proven in Pokemon Go by a hacker, other equally rare arouse desire in the players we have. Today we offer you to find well stylish in our beautiful country of France. On the agenda: Lapras, ice pokemon, Magmar, Electabuzz, and finally Lippoutou Scyther! Five Pokemon unusual, with completely different abilities, findable only under certain conditions. By cons, depending on where you live, you may walk a lot. However, in general, find a location matching our descriptions should not cause worries.


pokemon go Lokhlass

The hardest Pokemon to find five of the day. Nevertheless, it is considered the strongest physically companion of the game and the number of CP is just mind boggling. If you want to have, to be near a water source is of course paramount. You can try to get closer to the Seine in Paris. Lakes, oceans, rivers are also good places to find it. In short, the more water, the more likely you are to have him. No need to dive by cons, and especially avoid injury playing Pokemon GB. Some doctors advise you on some safety measures before going on an adventure, follow them! If you can not find Lapras despite our advice, you will have to wait until it gets colder. Being a Pokemon ice, it makes sense to think of it.


pokemon go Magmar

For him it should be simpler than Lapras seen how hot you die right now. Magmar Pokemon is one of the most powerful fire, you must not miss this madman. To recover, go to the hottest places in your area. The higher the temperature, the less there is wind, the better. By cons do not do crazy, get yourself a good gourd ... three bottles of water even to hydrate as much as possible. Who knows how long this can last hunt. At worst, you can recover quickly in eggs Pokemon Go as we have learned. They hatch in those 10km.


pokemon go Elektek

This type Pokemon ... frankly if you do not guess, we can not help you. It is registered all over her body! Anyway, this formidable Pokemon is findable in several different places and accessible: In your school, shopping centers, warehouses ... all the places that need constant electricity. Not your home is not an option, unless you live in a walking nuclear power plant, or to have a lot of luck. In this case also play the lottery, you never know. However, it is not staying at home you can catch the player who has scored 142 in his creatures Pokemon Pokedex on Go. Go, the nerve! It is also findable in eggs of 10km, but it's less funny.


pokemon go Lippoutou

Behold, the famous Pokemon sometimes parodied by Nicki Minaj (who unveiled several new tracks for his next album for that matter). No, it's not very nice and decent indeed. Lippoutou is two different types that are ice and psychic, so you have several options to get: you can exploit its icy attributes by going in damp corners, in others with many herbs, or you wait snow. Alternatively, make use of his mental condition fully by visiting farms (you are in the provinces), plains, beaches and even hospitals. It is also within 10km of eggs.

Insécateur or Scyther

pokemon go Scyter

Last but not least: Scyther. The type plant most badass of all! In addition 10km eggs, this Pokemon is findable in forests, farms in some gardens for the lucky and the golf courses for the wealthy. Visiting a park surrounded by several Pokestop can be a good option. Scyther is also flying type, which makes it all the more interesting. Although it is not on the tier list of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Go now, unlike Lapras, do not underestimate! Only pearls in this list.


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