Pokemon Go: New information must be to know


Pokemon Go: New information must be to know

Pokemon Go
Hello everybody!
In this article, we wanted to make a point of information about and tips for Pokemon Go ie. We get a lot of issues Asked qui made it puts you all here! 😉

Pokemon Go here for answers

Before turning to the tips, we want to fix an error in the FAQ section say Recently posted! Eevee evolves randomly and not fundamentals Because of the attacks. Percentages are strong, but not required! By cons for nicknames is validated, but beware, this only works once!

This link takes you to a survey, Because We thought It Would be interesting to ask if it worked or not with your account.


Yes this is a question everyone That Arises! Besides speaking of That I made a mistake in my last paper I Said That Hyperballs Appeared to level 10, it's wrong goal! You will see later
This Article Applies to items up to level 20 Trainer.

Level 1: Nothing! (With pleasure!)

Level 2: 10 Pokeballs

Level 3: 15 Pokeballs

Level 4: 15 Pokeballs

Level 5: 20 Pokeballs; 10 potions; Recalls 10; 1 incense and the right to choose His favorite team (blue for Articuno, Moltres Zapdos for red and yellow) and THUS be ble to go to conquer thearena! * Smile * victorious (or not, anyway, at level 5 is too low xD)

Level 6: 15 Pokeballs; 10 potions; 5 Recalls; 1 incubator

Level 7: 15 Pokeballs; 10 potions; 5 Recalls; 1 incense

Level 8: 15 Pokeballs; 10 potions; 5 Recalls; 1 Pokéstop That unit functions as an incense goal Pokéstop and can be beneficial to all; and access to windows, Besides, you get 10 on this level.

Level 9: 15 Pokeballs; 10 Potions; 5 Recalls; 3 windows and a lucky egg

Level 10: 20 Pokeballs; 20 Super potions; Recalls 10; 10 bays; 1 incense; 1 
incubator; 1 Pokéstop module; a lucky egg JACKPOOOOOOOT * *

Level 11: 15 Pokeballs; 10 Super potions; 3 reminders; 3 bays
Level 12: 20 superballs; 10 Super potions; 3 reminders; 3 bays
Level 13: 10 Superballs; 10 Super potions; 3 reminders; 3 bays
Level 14: 10 Superballs; 12 Super potions; 3 reminders; 3 bays
Level 15: 15 Superballs; 20 Hyper Potions; Recalls 10; 10 bays; 1 incense; 1 incubator; 1 Pokéstop module; 1 egg * Jackpot lucky again *

Level 16: 10 Superballs; 10 Hyper Potions; 5 Recalls; 5 bays
Level 17: 10 Superballs; 10 Hyper Potions; 5 Recalls; 5 bays
Level 18: 10 Superballs; 10 Hyper Potions; 5 Recalls; 5 bays
Level 19: 15 Superballs; 10 Hyper Potions; 5 Recalls; 5 bays
Level 20: 20 Hyperballs; 20 Hyper Potions; Recalls 20; 20 bays; 2 incense; 2 incubators; 2 Pokéstop modules; 2 eggs luck.

Pokemon Go

Feel free to put us in comments your items won by level For Those Who are not written! We will do an edit of this article!


Each Pokémon: has a kind and kind Each Has Its Place! In Pokémon Go, you-have to look at where to hunt DEPENDING on the Pokémon you want! A big item of it all!

• The water Pokémon:

These Pokémon APPEAR near water points! Logic, you might say, but not that! They can be found in parks and in the countryside! Guess Where I caught my first Horsea? In the garden of Granny, yes yes yes!

• The rock Pokémon:

No! You cannot find in the mountains! Finally though, the game goal thesis considers APPEAR Pokémon in kind. So go to houses where seats are not welcome! They can be seen in places like farms aussi gold on farms.

• Pokémon psy:

Do not be surprised if you see Many Soporifics near you!! They APPEAR in the cities, housing estates near goal especially and much night. If you find near Hospitals.

• Pokémon ice:

You will-have a luck to find a kind of Pokémon ice near water sources or in the fields or gardens!

• Normal Pokémon:

The normal type Pokémon like residential Neighborhoods like Pokémon shrink, you can aim aussi find 'em in universities and schools --other. So, your books !!

• Pokémon poison:

You find thesis Pokémon near industrial plants and areas in goal aussi Such As wetlands marshes.

• Pokémon ground:

These are found on farms or farms goal aussi in kind! Go and hunt Diglett 

• Pokémon plant:

Not surprisingly, you'll find 'em in areas Where There is much grass in parks and in the wild. That's one of the nice guys looking!

Pokémon spectrum:

They APPEAR much in residential areas and of course preferably overnight!

• The fire Pokémon:

They are usually found where there is the world: in cities, residential areas, and farms or farms! These Pokémon Would They Like humans at this spot?

Pokémon battles:

You will laugh looking stadiums and gyms, you will find Pokémon Battle!

• The fairy Pokémon:

It's a dream you-have to go to the beach to hunt Fairy Pokémon! Aussi goal in the sights and landmarks Such As monuments, museums etc ..

• The insect Pokémon:

As Pokémon plant, you find 'em in nature parks and places with grass! Without surprise.

• The dragon Pokémon:

You find Pokémon in contention landmarks Such As monuments and museums, goal aussi in the greens and golf courses. Yes, we will-have to bring golf to catch Pokémon types thesis downright badass!

• Electric Pokémon:

We'll-have to go back to school if you want to catch the 😛 Universities, schools, you will find places in contention, goal aussi in cities.
It's over for places by type! I hope this will help a bit!

Pokemon Go


Shoulds You Know That there are eggs to hatch 2 km, 5 km further, and others at 10 km. What purpose are we Supposed to get Pokémon ?? I'm going to Specify That number, the 151 Pokémon are not simply Because 1) the legendary not born in eggs and 2) the Pokémon can not be born in Their Evolved forms.

• 2 km: 3 starters, Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Pikachu, Magikarp, Zubat, Jigglypuff, Geodude, Clefairy.

• 5 kilometers (and there is one): Tangela, Rhinocorne, SHELLDER, Porygon, Koffing, Gruner, Machop, Tauros, Excelangue, Otaria, Abra, Oddish, Mr. Mime, Cubone, Doduo, Poliwag, Vulpix, Nidoran, canine, Farfetch'd, Exeggcute, Stari, Goldeen, Voltorb, Magneti, Férosinge, Sandshrew, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Krabby, Horsea, Kangaskhan, soporific, Ponyta, Meowth, Abo, Diglett, Tentacool, Gastly, Bellsprout, Mimitoss, Paras.

• 10 km: Kabuto, Omanyte, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Onix, Eevee, Locklass, Scarabrute, Magmar, Electabuzz, Lippoutou, Scyther, Chansey, Ptera, Snorlax, Dratini.

That's it for this article about Pokémon and items in the game on mobile! I hope you enjoyed and Helped!

Meanwhile, play, or read well! And of course Cache’s all!! 

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