Pokemon GO: tricks, tips and solutions


Pokemon GO: tricks, tips and solutions

Pokémon GO, the guide to becoming experienced coaches here the tricks and tips to level up, earn money, catch and evolve Pokémon.
Pokémon GO: tricks and solutions to become an expert Pokemon trainer.

How to earn money in Pokémon Go? How do you capture the rare Pokémon? If you are playing for some days in Pokémon Go on your Android and iOS device but you still have not understand a few things, here you will find all the information you are looking to level up and evolve your Pokémon.

A few days after 'official release of GO Pokémon, many users have begun to play a preview of the new video game by downloading the APK files on the network.

Some players quickly have already become GO Pokemon experts, capturing many Pokemon and joining a gym. Others, however, still have doubts on how to play GO Pokémon and we are in search of tricks and solutions for the most anticipated game of the year.

In this article we will try to reveal the tricks on how to earn money in GO Pokémon, how to catch Pokémon and how to level up. This is primarily advice given by users who have begun to play with Pokémon GO, so I'm not real "tricks" in the game. However, these tips might prove very useful for the purposes of the game and may be helpful to become a skilled Pokémon trainer.

You are good to go with your gaming adventure in Pokémon GO, the new app for Android and iOS developed by Nintendo in collaboration with Niantic and The Pokémon Company? Then read and follow our tips and solutions for playing GO error Pokémon.

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Pokemon GO, tricks: how to catch a Pokemon?
The first advice I give to capture as many Pokémon is to move as much as possible. In fact, the Pokémon are located in places that surround you, then the more you explore the more chance you will have to capture the new species.

When you find yourself in the vicinity of a Pokémon the application will indicate this by vibrating the phone. In this regard, we recommend the purchase of GO Plus Pokemon , the bracelet that allows you to capture the Pokémon without having to use your smartphone.

Just you are warned of the presence of a Pokémon you will see appear in front of you through the camera of your device. At this point you have to make up that throw the Poké Ball making sure to measure out the force because a too strong pull, or too weak, could compromise the capture of Pokémon. The trick is to catch it throw the Poké Ball at the exact moment when the Pokémon is marked by a green circle.

Another trick to easily capture a Pokemon you do not use the camera. In this case the graphic effect is less spectacular, but leaving the virtual map the Pokémon will remain central on the screen so it will be easier to capture it.

Finally, there is a trick to get Pikachu as a starter Pokemon . In fact, at the beginning of the game you have to choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, while there is the cute electric Pokémon that accompanied Ash in all his adventures. The trick is simple, just follow the following guidelines:

avoided capture one of three starter Pokémon;
move into the room as soon as the three Pokémon appear around you;
Repeat this three times;
the fourth time next to Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander Pikachu will appear, so you can finally capture him.
In these hours are also rumors circulating on how to capture rare Pokémon or very strong. In this regard we should read:

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Pokemon GO, tricks: how to avoid running out of Poké Ball

Of course, you can catch a Pokémon only if you are in possession of the Poké Ball. How to get it? As soon as you start playing it you will have enough to be able to start your adventure. There are several ways to increase them:

buy them with real money;
to level up your Avatar;
find as many Pokéstop, ie those places (virtual) where you can get Poké Ball, or other useful tools in the game free.
It is doubtful that a Poké Ball is enough to catch a Pokémon. In fact, a lot depends on the level and rarity of the Pokémon. For example, the Great Ball and Ultra Ball will have more chance to capture a wild Pokémon with a high level, while for some rare Pokémon you'll be forced to use a Master Ball.

These tools can be purchased for a fee in the shop. In detail, the prices for gold coins to use in the new GO Pokémon are as follows:

100 coins: 0,99 EUR;
550 coins: 4,99 EUR;
1,200 coins: 9,99 EUR;
2,500 coins: 19,99 EUR;
5,200 coins: € 39.99;
14,500 coins: 99.99 €.

Pokémon GO, tricks: how to level up?

It is very important that your avatar reaches the highest level possible. Are there any tricks to level up? At the moment we are not aware of tricks that allow you to speed up this process, but following these guidelines you will not have trouble reaching a level enough high.

In detail, to increase the level in the shortest possible time you will have to gain experience points (XP), so you will concentrate on actions that allow you to do so. These are:

capturing Pokémon;
make them evolve;
hatching eggs;
visit Pokéstop;
capture, train and collide in a gym;
use the "Fortunuovo" tool through which for 30 minutes, you can earn double experience points.
Pokemon GO: tricks to make evolve Pokémon
Also to level-up Pokémon there are no tricks to detail, just follow the directions provided by the GO Pokémon solutions. To evolve a Pokémon you'll have to catch as many as possible of the same species. In fact, each capture will allow you to earn the candy (candy) specific for that type of Pokémon in order to use them to make it evolve.

Another way to quickly evolve a Pokémon you train him in a gym. In this regard, you can train your Pokémon with that of a friend, so they both manage to earn experience points that will be useful for the evolution of cute baby animals.

Cheats Pokémon GO: expert advice users

After a few hours of play many users have been able to figure out how to take advantage of some features of GO Pokémon in their favor. On the various social networks there are many groups dedicated to GO Pokemon where users exchange tips, tricks, and opinions on what will probably be the game of the year. Here are the most important tips:

to win the battles in gyms must strike the screen very quickly. This trick probably in the next few days will be deleted from Nintendo, but at the moment it is the most effective method;
to catch a Pokémon you have to pay attention to the number located on the bottom right of the display indicating the distance at which it is located. The greater the distance and your launch will be powerful. In addition, at the time of capture hold the part of the display where there is the circle so as to reduce it. As the circle becomes smaller and increase the chances of success;
Pokémon GO works in the car? For hatching the eggs have to walk for many kilometers. Many users have thought there were any tricks to speed up this process, such as using Pokémon Go while you are in the car. This however is not possible as the maximum speed detected by the game is 20 Km / h. However, you can still take advantage of some other means of transport, such as cycling, taking care not to exceed the speed limit;

given that every 20 hours you can get as much money as Pokémon you have in gyms, to win as much as possible just to fill a gym before entering the shop and collect the daily total;
when inventory is full it is useless for you head in search of Pokéstop, since only receive PE and no object;

be careful with the use of candy. In detail users recommend only keep those for the Pokémon you want to evolve and do not spend them in order to increase the force until it is not in the best of evolution;