Pokémon Go: Update 1.0.3 released for iOS / 0.29.3 for Android


Pokémon Go: Update 1.0.3 released for iOS / 0.29.3 for Android - Patch Notes

Pokémon Go

Developers Niantic has released a new minor update to Pokémon Go. Version 1.0.3 for iOS and 0.29.3 for Android adds no new features.

In the evening developer Niantic Posted a new Pokémon Go update. In the course of updating the server went offline for a short time in the world to update the server accordingly.

The different version counting continues again. On iOS is the update 1.0.3, Android is 0.29.3 - it remains unclear why the Android version is not upgraded to 1.0. The download can be performed on the App Store or the Google Play store.

The new update changes not much and is not too relevant. Only some of the elements have been revised from Niantic, new features have not been added. Even the "Close" bug is fixed.

You will find below the very sparse patch notes.

Update 1.0.3 for iOS / 0.29.3 for Android -  Pokémon Go Patch Notes

  • Minor text fixes.

Tips & Tricks Pokémon Go

General information

  • That you have the release of Pokémon Go note!
  • So you come to Free Google Play credit
  • When new updates appear
  • That's Pokémon Go Plus
  • GPS Faker be permanently blocked
  • To beat before her new PokéStops and arenas

For beginners
  • So much do the items and Pokémünzen
  • So you come fastest to Experience
  • Which team should I choose?

Technical problems 
  • That you can against GPS problems do
  • So you save a lot of battery!
  • "Nearby" is not working
  • "Authentication failed" - Unable to log

Guides, Tips and Tricks

  • Where are the legendary Pokémon?
  • So it affects the Eevee-development!
  • Where eggs stuck which Pokémon
  • Easter Egg: To get her Pikachu as a starter!
  • This Pokémon is not in Europe pass catch
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