Poll: For or against Pokémon GO?


Poll: For or against Pokémon GO?

Funny title, you say. Know that in reality, this is debate can be seen, many times, people complain about the bad influence of Pokémon Go on young children: in fact, some deplore the dangers of the application, such as the risk of road accidents due to a car they would not have because their eyes glued to their screens, or that the game would help young disconnect from real life, and so much more excessive than regular video games.

For or against Pokémon GO?

Pokemon Go: improbable situations!

There have also been lots of excesses following the layoff app: the discovery of a corpse by a player or the arrest of four people suspected to have attracted players through the geolocation, in isolated places to fly. Some people even commit burglary in order to access private properties where a Pokémon hiding. People even criticize the fact that the popularity of this application would be disproportionate given the nature of "child" of the Pokémon universe, entitled to much criticism on the players, defining them as "crazy", "backward" "disconnected from the real world." Others are more excited than anything.

For or against Pokémon GO?

And the positive?
Despite all these criticisms, it is clear that the game brings people together and makes them drop their home consoles or their computers. Now they can go gallivanting closer to home, or travel further to find more rare Pokémon. And between us, it is good for the Geek community, long criticized and belittled stage dependent zombies for a universe with "children." Moreover, we must not forget that Nintendo Niantic and had a very good idea in creating this application and are the first to do that; it is a technological feat not necessarily understood by the older generations. For some, we go for idiots. Simply. Simple, right?
For or against Pokémon GO?

As you have probably realized, I do not understand all this hatred Pokémon Go and his players, who only have fun innocently.Obviously, some excesses remain, but the only thing that I see is that the generalization made by the media is very strong. Today we have almost ashamed to admit that we are playing Pokémon, because nobody wants to understand a video game, it is done or not for children, is free to be played and enjoyed by any human being, and has not to be judged or discriminated for its video-playful tastes, 

music, or other, because it does not have them selected and should be proud.
Pokemon Go was, to date, one of the only things able to smile the whole world together, and unite. Fad or not, we can only observe the happiness of the players when they find the perfect Pokémon, looked for hours, and the fun of a group of people united by hunting.After all the events in which the world is hit lately, any game, any musician, any politician can afford to challenge Pokemon Go while it only brings joy and gathering?

Here is my opinion on the matter. I am for Pokémon. Go, or moon, or Red. 
Although I appear intransigent in this article, feel free to tell us your opinion on the matter. This will be welcome.

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