The new map to find Pokémon Pokémon Go quickly


The new map to find Pokémon Pokémon Go quickly

Poke Radar lets users indicate where they are hidden Pokémon to find them more easily

The app Poke Radar identify which parts of the world are the Pokémon, because in the game are not seen with the naked eye. Because finding Pokémon is not easy. Much less find them all. Some do not you can find in your neighborhood or even in your city and the map will guide you to know exactly where they are located.

The new app has been developed by Braydon Batungbacal and Nick Divona and includes a search engine to find the Pokémon you want.

To be updated by the users themselves, the location is guaranteed since the votes of people who confirms that there have captured a Pokémon if many users hunted at that point will appear. The app is available for iOS and Android soon.

Facebook: A what comes humans when a Pokémon Vaporeon in Central Park appears

Other applications and websites like have been developed to facilitate the task of hunting down the best Pokémon, as and Hopefully Google Maps to join the initiative and include the Pokémon in the streets.

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